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March 2018 Playlist

MOOD MUSIC MARCH Music evokes nostalgia… (That statement is not up for debate). Could you imagine a life without music? Me? I could not. Honestly, I would not want to… hahaha. I love music. Especially music played at LOUD volumes. I listen to music from the moment I wake up in the morning, until my… Read More March 2018 Playlist

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No New-Vember || 11.17 Playlist || xoxoPriority

November… DEAR November… I walked through you with beautiful leaves at my feet, while the sound of fall followed me. In all honesty I’m a habitual Thanksgiving skipper. I really don’t care about celebrating Thanksgiving. I always feel like Wednesday Addams when she played as Pocahontas in  the Camp Chippewa Thanksgiving play. If you’re unaware… Read More No New-Vember || 11.17 Playlist || xoxoPriority



Summer 2017 Goals. One. Establish a daily meditation practice. Two. Read fifteen books. Three. Commit to providing content regularly. JUST KEEP UPLOADING! Four. Volunteer and donate! Five. Continuously work, towards self improvement by growing emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Six. Document life offline! (Purchase a new scrapbook and a new journal.) Social media is for… Read More Goals