Summer 17 Goals

Summer 17 Goals

    Summer 2017 Goals.

One. Establish a daily meditation practice.

Two. Read fifteen books.

Three. Commit to providing content regularly. JUST KEEP UPLOADING!

Four. Volunteer and donate!

Five. Continuously work, towards self improvement by growing emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Six. Document life offline! (Purchase a new scrapbook and a new journal.) Social media is for business ONLY.

Seven. Spend quality time with Great-Grands and Grandparents.

Eight. Buy from smaller businesses, charity shops, thrift shops and support locally owned businesses.

Nine. Work on a perfect skin-care regimen. (Find a dermatologist.)


Elven. Dress up more often. GET UNCOMFORTABLE! Yes, wear more dresses and heels.

Twelve. Spend more time outdoors.

Thirteen. Create amazing memories.

Fourteen. Take and post more selfies.

Fifteen. Grow in photography and on social media platforms.

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