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Political Position‎: ‎Far-left || Thoughts On Trumps Response To Charlottesville Attacks

    Political Position‎: ‎Far-left

When speaking on politics, like most people, I believe it is an extremely fragile/delicate/sensitive subject… therefore I generally like to stay out of it.

I wasn’t going to say anything at all but then I decided, I have held back my words long enough.

As we all know The Black Panther Party started in October of 1966 and dissolved in 1982. The Ku Klux Klan on the other hand, dates back to 1619 when African slaves were brought to North American (long before they established themselves as the KKK), and is still in existence to this day. The KKK are allowed to assemble and rally in broad daylight.

Example: Unite the Right, the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

There is a very thin line between the First Amendment “protected speech” and provoked violence and criminal responsibility in America. We choose not to address the real issues.


I remember during the election, there were so many people making jokes about voting for Trump. Well… it looks like all those NOT SO FUNNY jokes won the election. Now with our future in the hands of Donald Trump, as President, it’s no laughing matter.

Honestly, I’m surprised Trump has lasted this long. If your rebuttal to an occurrence that caused massive outrage, is to state the first and third American presidents owned slaves. A discussion of impeachment needs to be had and in the works.

How do they (they as in those people who voted for Trump) have a racist in The White House? It is 2017. We are the millennials.

All the hard work and lives lost for us to progress as a people; was in vain. Our ancestors are probably rolling over in their graves.

The wrong kind of PEOPLE (who are not leaders) flourish in America.

They assassinated black leaders and gave us unproductive and destructive role models, to keep the cycle of black people in their rightful place. Chasing our tails. America doesn’t breed entrepreneurs because someone has to clean the toilets and do all this modern-day slave labor.

In the world of our “rap/hiphop” music, glorifying drug use and violence. Belittling and bullying women. Telling them that women are put on this earth to lie on their backs and service men. Because women are disposable. Just look pretty. Sell sex, have fake tits, a fake ass, a fake face, and no personality. Condoning reckless behavior. Having multiple sex partners, with no mention of protection whatsoever.

Listen, that way of thinking is not conducive to achieving anything worthwhile in any life-form. It’s a facade or a trap. A life of crime leads to a casket, prison, or physiological issues. Drug addiction, unemployment and losing everything is not cool. We are ruining all the opportunities we come across for happiness ourselves. Almost as if we believe, just as much as they do, that we aren’t entitled to a good life. The color of our skin doesn’t make us less than anyone else. Pay attention to the traps.

There are no shortcuts in life! That’s what we call a head fake; a clever ruse.

Donald Trump compared George Washington and Thomas Jefferson with Confederate general Robert E Lee.

We cannot accept the negative behaviors towards BLACK PEOPLE that transpired two hundred and twenty-eight years ago. Try again Trump with a proper response to Charlottesville attacks.

Bottom line is, the KKK needs to be dissolved or The Black Panther Party needs to be reestablished.

Trumps words verbatim: “George Washington was a slave owner. Are we gonna take down statues of George Washington? … you’re changing history, you’re changing culture…you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists. And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly.”

So much for the American Dream. What level of delusional do you have to be on, to choose not to see the real issue.

This is probably the best example of white privilege in America today.

If you DO NOT stand up for people like me, I WILL NOT stand behind nor beside you.


Love before anything
Real before everything
Home before anyplace
Truth before anything
Style and state radiate
Love power slay the hate
, Priority

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