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Obliviate October || 10.17 Playlist || xoxoPriority


October… Dear October… It’s Over.


October always feels like the month of tremendous possibilities. HaHaHa! October is my birthday month after all || The Birthday Effect||. I cannot speak for anyone else, however I choose to see my birthday as a fresh start every year, as opposed to on January first. I normally take some time, about an hour or two— to myself before all the noise, distractions, wishes, love and celebration of life; to reflect on the previous year. In addition to, making plans and setting personal goals for the three hundred and sixty five days to come.

Last October, my older cousin passed away, not even two weeks after his thirtieth birthday. He was born on the fifth and I was born on the eighth (not in the same year). Our mothers are sisters, so it hit my heart a lot harder. Death is apart of life , but it’s harder to deal with when it’s unexpected and you don’t have the opportunity to say goodbye. Subsequently, his death changed the way I looked at life from the moment I walked out of the church and what I found important also changed drastically.

This October, I finally got pass the long-awaited, highly anticipated… ending of a chapter I have been rereading and editing for… honestly, longer than I care to admit. It is over (finalllllllllllllly). It feels so different this time. It feels amazing, but I’ll save the specific details of that ordeal for another post or conversation.

What I love about October: Well there’s comfy socks, oversized hoodies, golden and fire-red leaves everywhere. Fall foliage for scenic drives. A chill that creeps up on you and kisses your skin. Pumpkins, costumes, haunted houses, and scary movies. Cups of coco with marsh mellows to warm you up, bonfires, family time and there’s this  feeling present that I can’t describe with words… you have to experience it to understand what I’m saying. I’ll stop there….


Listed below are some new finds, re-discoveries, and favorite tracks of October:

Kehlani – Advice

Jazmine Sullivan X Bryson Tiller – Insecure

Jhenè Aiko – Never Call me

Madison Beer – Dead

Ingrid Michaelson – Drink You Gone

Kali Uchis – Loner

Demi Lovato – You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore

Cruel Youth – I Don’t Love You

Sza – Broken Clocks

Paramore – Forgiveness

Lizzo – Truth Hurts

Elle King – I Told You I Was Mean

Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbye

Ralph – Cold To The Touch

Here’s to growth, change, and things feeling different in my life… for the first time in a very long time. This chapter feels great.


Honorable mention: James Arthur – Back from the Edge. Number 10. Let Me Love the Lonely. Number 2, number4 and number 7 because I stumbled across him in October randomly. 

What are you loving and listening to this month?

“Play it fxckin’ loud!” ― Bob Dylan

Love before anything
Real before everything
Home before anyplace
Truth before anything
Style and state radiate
Love power slay the hate
, Priority


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