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Dating || Fun Date Nights || Is There A Minimum?

What is your ideal amount for a first date and is there a minimum?

The questions asked above, have been the subject of an intense discussion for the last few days (in my little part of the world).

When it comes to fun date nights, in my experience, believe it or not… the inexpensive and or free dates always rank amongst my top all time favorites.

The thought, the preparation, not to mention the delivery, is normally hilarious, cute and extremely romantic. I personally find, when you are on a budget, you’re forced to think outside of the box. Anyone can spend money and make someone happy temporarily. It is about creating those spectacular (possibly even epic / I will remember this for the rest of my life) memories.

With that said, I appreciate men who have a knack for finding pretty cool places to visit without a cheat sheet.  All I ask is that you introduce me to something new or different. #Teachme

From my experience men tend to do their fair share of research. They check your social media and draw conclusions about what you like (yes men stalk their prey) ha. It is genius, think about it; if you invite a person to a place you presumably know they will like, you’re less likely to be rejected.

I can always tell, just by where a person recommends or offers to meet up, if they have conducted a “research” or some sort of data collection on me.  To those who have, let me say thank you for thinking of me. I really appreciate it. It is already awkward enough spending time with someone you don’t know. Then to add being uncomfortable or bored on top of it… yeah, it’s a quick recipe for disaster.

A great date doesn’t have to break the bank or put your pockets on E (empty). One only needs to simply relax and be interested in having a good time.


  • Dance together like your grandparents use to, in a random public place (BYOM- bring your own music).
  • Take a romantic drive. Mother Nature’s fall foliage display is right around the corner.
  • Watch the sunrise together or stargaze.
  • Go for a nature walk
  • Go to an Art gallery (the first Friday of every month in Delaware…  there’s an art loop that is fee-free).
  • Walk near a body of water (light some candles if it’s at night).
  • Play board games, Play cards (Uno).
  • Go to an arcade (Do you want to play a game).
  • Visit a museum,  a zoo or an aquarium.
  • Take a short ROAD TRIP .

Just throwing a few options out there (we aren’t talking Netflix and chill). Although for a first date, I wouldn’t recommend dinner, a movie or drinks (for the 21+ crowd). The meet up should be in a public place, where you can talk and get to know each other.


A Date Memory| True Story:

A few years ago, I got invited to xfinity live, in Philadelphia. Fee-free admission (note: I always drive myself, to and from places because when I’m ready to go… I do not want to wait. More so when or if things go south, I’m out).  Me breaking my own rules, with a conditional expectation; I allowed the guy who invited me out to drive to and from the location. He wasn’t a stranger, we knew of each other for years prior to this night, so it wasn’t a big deal.

That night we watched the NBA finals, last game. It was crazy, we ate, talked, laughed, debated, and then headed back to Delaware.

As if cued by our arrival, the traffic had come to a standstill due to a train that was passing by. He looked over at me and said, “If I go touch the train, can I have a kiss”. I laughed. I didn’t even have a chance to respond, before he was out of the car sprinting down the street towards the railroad tracks. He stopped a few feet away, hesitated for a few seconds, then headed back to the car with this puzzled look on his face. After he settled back into the driver seat, I was still laughing. He said, “You didn’t even get out to stop me. Can I have a kiss? I could have died.” I continued to laugh, as I refused to kiss him. He dropped me off at home, we talked on the phone until I fell asleep and that story still gets told to this day.

As you read, nothing special happened. Nothing sexual occurred. He didn’t force himself on me or vice versa. It was a chill night and I had such a good time.

If I were to answer the question: What is your ideal amount for a first date and is there a minimum? I would say… FREE for both of us! Show me what that personality is like.


What do you think? What is your ideal amount for a first date and is there a minimum? Feel free to message me or comment your thoughts below.


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