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March 2018 Playlist

MOOD MUSIC MARCH Music evokes nostalgia… (That statement is not up for debate). Could you imagine a life without music? Me? I could not. Honestly, I would not want to… hahaha. I love music. Especially music played at LOUD volumes. I listen to music from the moment I wake up in the morning, until my… Read More March 2018 Playlist

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Canvas Painting Night

I hosted a canvas painting Night (Children Friendly). For the last few months, I have committed myself to one Saturday a week; strictly implementing… fun, family activities with kids. I normally have somewhere between six to eight kids every weekend, for a day at most and then they go home. So as I am sure you can… Read More Canvas Painting Night

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No New-Vember || 11.17 Playlist || xoxoPriority

November… DEAR November… I walked through you with beautiful leaves at my feet, while the sound of fall followed me. In all honesty I’m a habitual Thanksgiving skipper. I really don’t care about celebrating Thanksgiving. I always feel like Wednesday Addams when she played as Pocahontas in  the Camp Chippewa Thanksgiving play. If you’re unaware… Read More No New-Vember || 11.17 Playlist || xoxoPriority

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Political Position‎: ‎Far-left || Thoughts On Trumps Response To Charlottesville Attacks

Political Position‎: ‎Far-left When speaking on politics, like most people, I believe it is an extremely fragile/delicate/sensitive subject… therefore I generally like to stay out of it. I wasn’t going to say anything at all but then I decided, I have held back my words long enough. As we all know The Black Panther Party… Read More Political Position‎: ‎Far-left || Thoughts On Trumps Response To Charlottesville Attacks

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It Is Just A Dog!

My dog is more than just a pet. For the likeminded individuals out there, who love, and share their lives with a furry family member; I am sure you all will agree, animals really are more than just pets. Some of you will understand where I’m coming from with that statement. While I’m also sure… Read More It Is Just A Dog!