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March 2018 Playlist

MOOD MUSIC MARCH Music evokes nostalgia… (That statement is not up for debate). Could you imagine a life without music? Me? I could not. Honestly, I would not want to… hahaha. I love music. Especially music played at LOUD volumes. I listen to music from the moment I wake up in the morning, until my… Read More March 2018 Playlist

Blogging, life cheat codes

Canvas Painting Night

I hosted a canvas painting Night (Children Friendly). For the last few months, I have committed myself to one Saturday a week; strictly implementing… fun, family activities with kids. I normally have somewhere between six to eight kids every weekend, for a day at most and then they go home. So as I am sure you can… Read More Canvas Painting Night

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No New-Vember || 11.17 Playlist || xoxoPriority

November… DEAR November… I walked through you with beautiful leaves at my feet, while the sound of fall followed me. In all honesty I’m a habitual Thanksgiving skipper. I really don’t care about celebrating Thanksgiving. I always feel like Wednesday Addams when she played as Pocahontas in  the Camp Chippewa Thanksgiving play. If you’re unaware… Read More No New-Vember || 11.17 Playlist || xoxoPriority

Blogging, life cheat codes

Political Position‎: ‎Far-left || Thoughts On Trumps Response To Charlottesville Attacks

Political Position‎: ‎Far-left When speaking on politics, like most people, I believe it is an extremely fragile/delicate/sensitive subject… therefore I generally like to stay out of it. I wasn’t going to say anything at all but then I decided, I have held back my words long enough. As we all know The Black Panther Party… Read More Political Position‎: ‎Far-left || Thoughts On Trumps Response To Charlottesville Attacks